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I believe in documenting your day beautifully & organically - to me, this means artfully preserving moments with minimal interruptions. Never curating a heartfelt moment just for the camera if it does not feel true to who you are.

Your relationship is unique and it deserves to be documented as so. I find it crucial to get to know the two of you and what makes your relationship special to one another. It is my job to make you feel comfortable and help bring out your most genuine self. That is why our relationship is built on trust and vulnerability, so that I can authentically preserve who the two of you are at this time in your lives.

Our time spent together will never be stuffy & awkward. I give you permission to fully be yourselves and simply enjoy your day with your people. We'll laugh, cry, and likely connect over our love of dogs, interior design, a good slice of pizza, being outdoors, or maybe all of the above.

At the end of the day, you're experiencing a special moment in your life that deserves to be documented. Whatever that may look like, I am so excited that you are considering me as your photographer.

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What I'm All About

02. Staying Authentic to You

This is a time where you can deep dive into what really means something to you as a couple. Mountaintops and big venues are for sure beautiful, but also find somewhere that means something to you. Somewhere that fits your relationship and that feels like home. Let's take photos in your home, the field where you fell in love, that old car where you had your first kiss - this is what speaks volumes in your photos.


What I'm All About

03. Nostalgia & Timelessness

When I'm photographing my couples, I always think of them in fifty years showing these photos to their grandchildren. I want your photos to hold up and feel like a little piece of history - to never go out of style. I always aim to keep you photos timeless while remaining artistic. I want you to feel that nostalgia when looking through your photos, whether it's been a week after we took them or years.


What I'm All About

04. Moments That Matter

My style is very candid, I don't do a lot of the perfectly posed smiling at the camera stuff. You won't get a lot of cheesy prompts from me either because that's just not who I am. You can expect a lot of movement, time to soak in the moments, and authentic laughter during our time together. You're documenting this season in your life for a reason, you deserve for that moment to be realistically portrayed through your photos.


What I'm All About

05. Adventure & Individuality

I'm a firm believer in breaking the rules, especially when it comes to weddings because realistically there are no rules. Make your own traditions and do what feels unique to your relationship. Break the mold of what you've been told a wedding should look like. Part of my job has been helping my couples plan badass adventures that revolve around them vs. what others wanted, and it's truly been one of the most rewarding things. Create a day unique to the two of you and forget the rest - whatever that may look like, I'm here to help wherever I can along the way.


ok, let's do this.

What I'm All About

06. The Right Fit

Lastly and arguably most important, making sure we are the right fit! Seriously, I am with you all day long on a wedding or elopement day. Making sure you love my work is one thing, but also making sure we can joke together over a few drinks is just as important. Once you've (hopefully) fallen in love with everything you've learned about me from my website, reach out though my contact form. We'll set up a time to chat where I can learn all about the two of you & your vision!


I consider her a friend after our time together as she photographed our wedding. She's so organized; she knows exactly what she's doing. And she's so easy and enjoyable to be around! I knew her style was incredible, but the way she truly brought my vision to life blew my husband and our families away. Her work is timeless, and she captures the special moments, the feelings we all experienced. It was the best day ever and I'm so happy I get to revisit it over and over in her exquisite photos. Editorial, simple and perfect light—she's just effortless. Thank you so very much, Emily! I couldn't recommend her enough.


"Emily is a best-in-class professional, incredible artist, and wonderful human being"