Public Garden Elopement – Boston, MA

October 4, 2023

Sophia and Nick fell in love as teenagers and have grown together since. I’ve been lucky enough to watch their relationship since it began. They have bought a house, raised a few animals, grown their careers, and have now gotten married. They are constantly each others biggest supporters and have always done things the way they wanted, including how they wanted to celebrate their marriage.

When planning to get married they explored all of their options and landed on a small elopement in the heart of Boston. Nothing super fussy, just the two of them and their two close friends. They got ready together with Sophia doing her own hair & makeup. Then picked up her stunning bouquet from Rococo Floral before they drove downtown on one of the first really warm days of the year. Boston was absolutely buzzing with energy, as it does on those rare hot May days. They exchanged rings under a willow tree as folks passed by. Then explored downtown, grabbing ice cream and champagne along the way. Duck tour boats passed by every few minutes with crowds cheering their congratulations. They finished the day in Beacon Hill before heading to dinner with their friends and family. I’m grateful to know these two humans and to document this special day. Photographed on both digital and 35mm film.